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All About The Gray Wolf and Why You Should Be Part of The Rocky Mountain Wolf Project

The world needs our individual effort to collectively protect the gray wolf. The mission of rocky mountain wolf project is to inform the general public about re-establishment, ecology and behaviour of the gray wolf. This is to be achieved along with some other non-profit organisations that donate to the realisation of this project at The species of this wolf existed in Colorado and the major goal is to have them reinstated in their natural habitat.

The wolves are special animals and have very unique behaviours that you should consider saving one as an individual. Together with the rocky mountain wolf project members, you can realise this. The following are the unique features of the gray wolf.

They Show Love and Affection

Wolves have strong relationships and a unique bond between their family members. They go even an extra mile of sacrificing their lives in order to save other family members who may be in danger. To protect the family they risk their lives, why shouldn’t you consider saving one as well?

Wolves are Highly Organised

Gray wolves have a high level of organisation that they live and hunt in groups. The defending of their territory and young ones is done by all as a community showing a unique feature of socialization which is not common in many animals.

The Gray Wolf Eating Behaviour

These animals hunt their prey collectively and never eat in moderation. The highly ranked wolf eats first followed by the next until all the members consume. They can consume up to about 9kilograms of meat but they can spend the next three days without a meal. To know more about wolves, visit this website at

The Gray Wolf Speed

Wolves are not so fast but they rely on their high sense of smell and sight to detect prey. They can endure long hours or days following their preferred prey until they capture. This is usually done most of the wolves and if one finds a mate usually spends the rest of their lives living and hunting together.

Wolf Establishment According to Hierarchy

According to the strict hierarchy, the alpha male always leads and is closely followed by the alpha female. They breed and usually a pack is composed of about ten animals.

The fate of the gray wolves depends on your input which may be collaborating with the rocky mountain wolf project at or by donating a few bucks to aid in their restoration.

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